Payment Plan

Our team gladly offers plan payment service (aka installments) for all orders over 400 USD. This service is available for any repeats from our studio and any individual commissions. Plan payment service is available for next payment options: PayPal, TransferWise, SWIFT (bank transfer).

- How can I set up a plan payment option?

- For some products you can set it up automatically. Just choose the product that you'd like to order, then select option "First Payment". You're gonna pay the first part of the actual set price and book your slot in our schedule. Then our manager will contact you to confirm all details and set up your payment plan. If the product doesn't include a payment plan option, you can refer it to our team with inquiry service, and we're gonna set up a payment plan for you. Just copy the link of the name of the product, and send us an email with the title "Plan Payments". Our managers will help you to set it up. 

If you'd like to choose a payment plan for any individual commission, then please include this information in your commission inquiry.We’re gonna offer you a few options regarding your budget.

First payment for any order should be no less than 20%.

- How many payments will I have to make?

- Usually for plan payments we offer to pick up 2-4 payments, yet everything is pretty flexible. In any case minimum payment for plan payments should be no less then 200 USD. First payment you submit to book your slot, and others you may pay during the period of production, and last one we usually require before shipping of item.

- Do you accept scheduled payment options?

- Sure, and it could be quite flexible. Usually we accept montly payments, and dates may be agreed personally. As an example, you can agree to pay monthly 20% from the project price until it will be paid off.

If you have any other questions regarding payment plans, please refer them to We will be glad to help you with any part of your creative projects!