Gift Cards

Hello friend! If you watch this page, this means that you either plan to get gift card or you just got fancy present and would like to figure out how to claim up stuff with help of gift card! We got you here, so here is short introduction to our gift card system. This system is fresh new and we still develop it, so don't hesitate to contact us by email or in social media (links will be available below).

- I receive gift card from your studio. How I can reclaim it?
- To reclaim your gift points, please use promocode inserted in your gift card during checkout. As option, you also can message us in any comfortable manner (but be accurate with Facebook though, we can proceed it a bit slower), send screenshot or picture of your certificate, and our manager will gladly discuss with you any details about your dream product.

- I can't find promocode window during checkout. What should I do?
- The best option here is to message us then, and we gonna proceed your order manually. 

- What should I do if I want to buy product, that costs more then my gift card? 
- You can cover price of product partly, and rest can be paid in a regular manner?

- Can I use gift card for plan payments?
- Yes, definitely!

- Can I make few various purchases with my gift card?
- While you can get as many products as possible with your amount of gift bonuses, you can't spread them for various purchases, and can reclaim them during one purchase. 

- Can I use my gift card for custom commissions?
- Yes, certanly! 

- I wanna get card as present and get it delivered to my friends address, email or physical. How I can proceed that? 
- Best option is to email us right after purchase, include your order number and send us your friend email or address! We will take care about rest. 

For request and support please message us here:
FD Cosplay Studio Instagram