KDA The Baddest Set - Evelynn + Kai'Sa [Custom Listing]

KDA The Baddest Set - Evelynn + Kai'Sa [Custom Listing]

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This is custom made listing for two sets with an express shipping option. Set includes the costume of Evelynn and Kai'Sa from the KDA project (The Baddest). Both costumes are custom made and will be created according to measurements of the customer.

Evelynn set includes a dress with belt accessories. Claws and props are not included.
Kai'Sa set includes top, pants, and jacket. Props are not included.

~ How to place your order

After placing of order via purchase of this listing our manager will contact you within 1-2 business days and will give you request for measurements, that we will need for creation of this costume, and also will let you know progress time for your order.

Progress time may be different depends on our workload, yet if you will need costume done in a short period of time, that may be possible! This may apply additional charges, yet you will get your costume in time.

~ Progress time and shipping information 

If you purchase this product, please remember, that this set is custom made. Usually, we ship parcels with standard shipping, which may be extended due to COVID-19 (approximate rates are included). If you'd like to get express shipping, then please choose the shipping upgrade option while you gonna place your order.

Shipping time to United States - 30-45 days (14-21 usual progress time)/ 5-7 days
Shipping time to Europe - 14-35 days (7-12 usual progress time)/3-6 days